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David needs a little pick me up after a fine start from Joel Pineiro and a cannon from Yadier Molina behind homeplate tonight. Over at BravesBuzz he gives a preview of the pitching match ups and the keys to the series between the Cards and Braves. David talked a little fantasy buzz before the game…

FBHS: There’s nothing worse than if a woman asks if she should wear the red dress or the black. I just want her to pick one! So let’s pretend you are Bobby Cox. Mike Gonzalez or Rafael Soriano. Pick one!

BB: I have always had more confidence in Rafael Soriano. His quiet demeanor and fluid motion on the mound just gives off a feeling of confidence. The 72 innings he pitched in 2007 cost him in 2008, and he’s just regaining his strength and form, but he is a dominant reliever when he’s on. He can close for any team. Mike Gonzalez hasn’t been the same since TJ surgery. Even when he dominated in Pittsburgh he dealt with control problems at times, and that hasn’t changed. His velocity is down, he’s prone to leave the ball up way too much, and he has trouble in pressure spots more often than I like to see from a closer.

FBHS: Jordan Schaefer has been a rookie. On fire to start the year he then went through a one for 21 run with an astonishing 13 strikeouts. Then he started hitting again. Do you think this hot and cold run will be something that persists throughout the season?

BB: I think Jordan Schafer’s hot start with the two home runs against Philly did more to damage him than help him. He began aiming for more home runs and that led to pressing. He soon realized power isn’t his game and began aiming for gaps and putting the ball in play. Remember that people consider Schafer the National League version of Grady Sizemore. His strikeouts will come, as will his walks, and eventually the production as he matures. His numbers will mirror those of Sizemore in a few years.

FBHS: After opponents hit .260 off Jair Jurrjens through four starts batters are hitting .207 off of Jair Jurrjens (numbers don’t reflect tonight’s start). Is Jair Jurrjens doing anything different this year or will time correct this number? Is Jair Jurrjens your favorite name on the Braves?

BB: Due to his durability and early success, people like to forget that Jair Jurrjens is only 23 years old. He carried the rotation last season at age 22 with a 3.68 ERA in 31 starts. He’s just maturing as a pitcher and learning to pitch to contact instead of attempting to strike every hitter out. This is leading to more outs and a more dangerous Jurrjens. His name seems to be left out fairly often, but Jurrjens will develop into one of the top pitchers in the league. And yes, not only is Jair Jurrjens my favorite name on the Braves, he’s also my favorite player.

2 Responses to Fresh Out of the Oven: Atlanta Braves

  1. Charlie Saponara says:

    Schafer will become Grady Sizemore? Yikes! I can’t say I believe that one. By all accounts Schafer should become a star level player who is capable of .300 20/20, but Sizemore is at a whole other level. Sizemore right now is a 30/30 guy who has the upside to actually reach 40/40. I don’t see Schafer ever having quite that ceiling.

    Man, people must think I hate Jordan Schafer. I don’t! Really I don’t!

  2. Schruender says:

    I will say that statement definitely raised my eye brows, but in the BravesBuzz defense he knows much more about the Braves and the career path of Schaefer than I would and he is taking a strong stance rather than just giving the old conservative “he has the potential to put together a 30 home run season if he gets his swing together and learns to hit MLB pitchers…”

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