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This story says it all. Andre Ethier hit 3 home runs off 3 different pitches from 3 different pitchers. If that’s not seeing the ball well, then I don’t know what is. Ethier now has hit 8 home runs in the month of June and compliments that with a 1.040 OPS. It would have been nice to trade for him after May when Ethier hit just one home run and his OPS was down at .601 for the month. If you read the Q & A I had with the Dodgers blog FireNedCollettiNow at the beginning of the month, in the last question he indicates that Ethier will be fine in great detail. Turns out those details have been spot on.

Ethier is still walking and striking out at career high rates which indicates that he is being patient. He is on pace for some excellent overall totals – 30 home runs, 107 RBI, 85 runs and 9 steals. Providing that he can stay healthy, I would take the over on all of these numbers. Ethier’s BABIP is still well about 40 points off his career total and he’s been doing all of his damage this month while pitchers can focus on getting him out. When Manny Ramirez returns next week, Ethier will get to see either more pitches or more ducks on the pond.

  • I’m really worried about Ervin Santana’s chances long-term this season. I don’t think he will make ten more starts. I own him in one league, but it’s not even worth trading him. If you have a roster that enables you to take a chance he’s really cheap.
  • A guy I’m not really worried about is Derek Lowe. After signing his last big contract in the off season it was tough to envision him having a better season than last year, but he’s always reliable at the end of the year for around 15 wins and an ERA around 4.
  • Once Juan Pierre starts seeing a serious decrease in at-bats teams will be in search of stolen bases. One guy that is still worth watching is Brewers prospect Alcides Escobar. He’s stolen 27 this year at AAA Nashville. J.J. Hardy is hitting .190 this month and .220 overall. Where Hardy has been really troubled is against lefties where he is hitting just .167. Against lesser pitchers Escobar has Hardy dominated in all these statistics most notably against lefties where Escobar is hitting over .200 points better!
  • With so many options at outfield it’s becoming increasingly harder to own Ryan Ludwick through his slump. There are a lot of signs that he just isn’t comfortable at the plate. He has 0 doubles in his last 132 at-bats. Twelve team leagues can drop him.
  • Here is this week’s Milton Bradley is Crazy Story of the Week (Yawn).

5 Responses to Andre Ethier Hits 3 HR and Other Notes

  1. Dave says:

    Interesting post on Ludwick. Fangraphs backs it up. He's swinging at more pitches. Strangely, he's making more contact too (even out of the zone) but really not hitting anything with authority. Not getting deep into counts sounds like a bad approach for a power hitter to take.

    The only pitch he has any win value on hit year is the fastball. And that's pretty low (.71 runs above average per 100 pitches). Last year he was hitting everything except cutters (which he only saw 3.6% of the time).

    Juan Rivera, Adam LaRoche, Pat Burrell…all are getting awfully tempting.

    That said it is hard for me to cut bait on Ludwick. He started out the year well enough before injury.

  2. Dave says:

    Reimold or Ludwick?

  3. Schruender says:

    Dave that's a very telling stat. Sure enough Ludwick goes out today and gets the elusive double…maybe a sign of life?

    I totally see where you are coming from on it being hard to cut the bait with him because you know what he is capable of. I guess looking past statistics for a second, knowing your league if you dropped Ludwick would someone put a claim on him? If you don't think that's the case then I'd go with Reimold and try to follow Ludwick to see if he gets out of this slump.

    Looking at statistics, Reimold is the better player right now and I am more confident in him moving forward as well. My only frustration with him is that with Markakis and Pacman Jones Jr. secured in the lineup he often sits in order to get Pie and Luke Scott some at-bats.

  4. Dave says:

    Yeah, great analysis. I appreciate the added input, and based on that, I am really leaning toward making the move. I think it is 50/50 that Ludwick gets picked up, but as you say, everything about Reimold suggests that he can keep this up. Also, LaRussa sometimes treats Ludwick like a platoon player, so on paper the games/ab could be about the same.

    Pacman Jones Jr… ha.

  5. matthias @ mopupduty says:

    I just picked up Ethier in the middle of last week, so I was the recipient of his HR outburst.

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