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So what? Eric Young Jr. has gotten the call up with Colorado and stole 58 bases in AAA this year. He’s played in three straight games and while he’s listed as a second baseman by ESPN and Yahoo even though he’s played center field in each game. While he has been thrown out on both attempts so far in the show, he was successful more than 80% of the time with Colorado Springs this year. It’s a matter of time before we see him cause the same problems his father once did on the base paths.

Young is not just someone to consider if Julio Borbon got passed on. He’s also worth a look in deeper leagues that lost Dexter Fowler (the man whom Young replaces) or shallow leagues where Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury are currently day to day.

Tim Hudson’s return is coming at an opportune time. He starts Monday in place of Kenshin Kawakami and will have an opportunity to start two games before you decide whether or not he’s worth keeping on a head to head playoff roster.

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10 Responses to So You Missed Julio Borbon?

  1. Dave says:

    Reeeeeally excited about EYJ for next year. B.J. Upton with a better AVG? And much cheaper.

    Speaking of B.J., is he YPNM? I wonder where he gets drafted next year. 6th round? Later? I don't think I'd even consider paying higher than that, unless you believe the shoulder really hasn't been healthy all year.

  2. spyder2009 says:

    N. Morgan at 15th round money next season i know is a good value. Just made the trade for Bourn (who is at 14th round value).

    With Morgan done for the year, there's a chance I could get Morgan at a fairly cheap price. Is it overkill to have Crawford, Bourn, and Morgan in the OF next season?

    League i'm in has 4 OF spots and 1 UT spot is used for DH/OF

  3. Dave says:

    I guess you wouldn't have to worry about steals!

  4. Schruender says:

    I think that would qualify as overkill. Among the top 12 second basemen and shortstops only 3 at each position don't get into double digits in steals. In other words, you'll get a steals threat in the middle infield regardless.

    Keeping those 3 outfielders would leave you with 18 home runs and 129 RBI if you take their total at this point in the season. There are 31 outfielders who have more home runs at this point in the year by themselves. The RBI total would get surpassed by the combo of Marlon Byrd and Michael Cuddyer. In other words, you'd be very vulnerable in other stats.

    If you can get Morgan for nothing, go for it. Next year you can really kill steals in April and then make a trade. If you have to give up something that lowers your chances this year I don't think you should make a deal.

  5. spyder2009 says:

    That's what i was thinking. At 2B, i will probably pass on Roberts and Phillips in the draft because i have Aaron Hill. As for SS, i'm hoping to get Rollins, Reyes, or Tulo.

    If somehow i was to get Morgan for nothing, i might look to deal Crawford. My first 4 picks i'd like to get OF, 1B, SS, SP and i could have that happen if i moved Crawford

  6. Schruender says:

    Yeah I suppose if you have Tulo and Hill then you could justify having those three guys a little better, but I'd still look to get an outfielder like Hunter Pence who can steal a little and homer a little.

  7. spyder2009 says:

    Still gonna go for the power/speed combo in the draft, but i know for a fact i can get Morgan for Bucholz straight up.

    In fact, i probably could get a 2 for 1 here but the only guy i could include in the deal that would help me would be Jim Johnson.

    I could try to get Carlos Quentin (15th round money) but i'll probably have to give too much.

    Bucholz for Morgan/Johnson i will go for…but if he declines, whats your take on Bucholz for Morgan straight up?

  8. Schruender says:

    Buchholz as a keeper (if you can keep him) could have just as much value next year if not more than Morgan and you'll be able to get what's left of him this year. If you have no need for starting pitching for the rest of this year though, you might as well deal him and then try to deal Crawford during the winter. Like I said, the perception of Crawford for next year is that he is a first rounder, so trading him would net you a big fish.

  9. spyder2009 says:

    Yea, i could keep Bucholz next season. I can designate him to be 17th, 15th, 13th, or 12th round money because he's a free agent pickup. The other free agents i picked up that i'm keeping are Kendry Morales, Aaron Hill, and Ricky Nolasco.

    As for starting pitching this year, i have Wainwright, Lackey, Nolasco, Jurrjens (just traded Felix). I have Joba, Tillman, and Dempster also. 2 of those 3 i will get rid of and there are still some good arms in free agency for the last month of the year.

    With the exception of strikeouts, less is almost more for me. I'm up there in ERA and wins. My WHIP is coming down gradually, and idk if i feel confident having Bucholz out there for the remainder of this year.

    I really like having that freedom to possibly make a move with Crawford if i have Bourn and Morgan also. I was really trapped early in the year on steals due to injuries, and i could've made a big move including Crawford if he wasnt my lone source for steals.

  10. spyder2009 says:

    Just got a counter offer for VMart. I offered Soto/Cantu and he declined (not suprised).

    He countered with VMart/Rollins for Votto.

    Now, Rollins will be a FA but VMart is a keeper at 9th round money next season.

    I like the deal, it helps me for this year AND next.


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