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Carlos Beltran was finally moved out of New York today after weeks of rumors and Beltran himself recognizing that there was no way he was going to stay with the Mets. The Giants won his services (time will tell if they won the trade), but it’s amazing how the situation changes. Jon Heyman noted just a couple days ago that acquiring Zack Wheeler from the Giants was a long shot. Well, it happened. Based on Heyman’s tweet, it had to be the Giants who couldn’t put both feet in the water on this deal. Calculating potential future value against present day need is always a difficult call, but it’s what general managers are paid to do. It’s nice to know from a fantasy perspective that Brian Sabean clearly was on the fence about this one. He had all the scouting reports, numbers, and financial figures that he needed to evaluate the trade, but couldn’t pull the trigger until today. He probably did his team a disservice since the days he waited were days his team didn’t have Beltran. At any rate, here are the five players most impacted by this deal.

  1. Carlos Beltran. Thank you Captain Obvious. ESPN Park Factors ranks Citi Field 20th in MLB, so if you play the odds that’s good news for Beltran owners. Unfortunately, the Giants are 30th (dead last) according to Park Factors. Tough beat. The news isn’t as bad, but still bad in the home run department. The Mets had the 26th worst park and the Giants are still dead last. In terms of the lineups, Beltran leaves Jose Reyes and a suddenly hot David Wright. The Mets leadoff hitters this season (mostly Reyes) have the second best OBP and the most runs scored in all of MLB. The Giants leadoff hitters are 24th and 17th respectively. On the good side of this deal, Beltran now has the motivation of waking up everyday and playing for a first place team. He has a very positive history of being the best player traded at the deadline (nobody in baseball was better in the short time he played with Houston). He also is still playing for his next contract. The human element of this is on his side, but the Giants went out and traded their best pitching prospect (and one of the best in the game) for a reason. Their offense is terrible. And as a consequence of that Beltran’s offense will suffer too.
  2. Zack Wheeler. To put it in perspective, I have never seen this guy pitch (like most of you). I have however owned Wheeler in an NL Only league since March of 2010. Nothing he has done in the minors has actually statistically impacted my team, but he has been thrown about in different trade offers in my league. Now that he has been traded for Beltran, I have mixed reactions. This is good because he is the guy that was traded for Beltran. That means the Mets scouts like him. That means he will have inflated value (especially right now) at a time where I could look to improve for this season. At the same time, this is bad because he’s going from the Giants (the team that has developed Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and most recently Madison Bumgarner) to the Mets (the team that has ruined Jenrry Mejia). Short term, his value has jumped, but long term Wheeler was better off with the Giants. Oh, and he also has to live up to the hype of the “guy we traded Beltran for” in New York.
  3. Nate Schierholtz. Everyone on the Giants has to be thrilled except the lame duck. Both Schierholtz and Beltran have been used exclusively at right field this season, so one has to sit. On a terrible offensive team, Schierholtz has an average that is 17 points ahead of the league average. The 7 home runs and 7 steals don’t mean much to mixed leagues, but to an NL Only team (ahem, mine) they mean a little bit more. Now Schierholtz is not worth being owned in any format.
  4. David Wright. In his first six games back from the back injury, Wright has hit safely in every game. His numbers: .429 AVG 2 HR 4 2B 11 RBI. Daniel Murphy hitting in front of him tonight was just fine, but check back in two months.
  5. Pablo Sandoval. When Sandoval was a stud in 2009, nobody else in the lineup had an OPS that was within 200 points of him. He was hanging out with Pedro Cerrano too much last season to benefit from Buster Posey or the good side of Aubrey Huff, but he’s having a decent year in 2011. Whether he hits third or fourth with Beltran on board, it will be interesting to see how he responds. Nobody stands to gain more from this trade than him.
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3 Responses to Five Players Most Impacted by Carlos Beltran Trade

  1. mcmillen says:

    How about the camptown races kid that will now be patrolling right for the Mets? Duda had tremendous power in the minors, and while he started off slow in the majors last year and this year, for the last few weeks he has been hitting the ball all over the place and is starting to show the power. I picked him up in NL-only to see what he can do now with everyday playing time.

  2. Schruender says:

    And right on cue he has a big day today. Great call.

  3. Marco says:

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